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_ cute and smart guy........

Jesse Bradford Watrouse went to Brien McMahon High School

Hi, I'm cutie Jesse rad Bradford I know, said it before, he's cute!
He looks pretty good being involved here. lol. and his girlfriend is wearing some pretty babyblue. Or pretend movie girlfriend. No wonder she can't irresist him

I wanna try that move!!!!!!

from Norwalk Connecticut, he also was homecoming king in high school!!! His birthdate is May 26 so I guess my June 15 ain't far off from his!
cute crossing arms
Innocent Jesse Bradford with another cute actor, Jonathan Taylor Thomas! (JTT is playing the street hustler leader, whoa!!!!!!)
Jesse in his dude cap
Jesse Bradford Fan Essay:

My very first victim on what I am sure will turn into a long list of 'people Janie's smitten with' is Jesse Bradford.  I first spotted this guy in "Bring It On", the cheerleader movie starring Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku (the kick ass girl who played Faith and kicked Buffy's ass).  He plays the adorable, smitten (there's that stupid word again) with Ta-Ta-Ta-Torrence, too sweet for his own good, cutie: Cliff.

You ask, "Why Jesse Bradford?"

Okay, maybe you didn't ask.  I'm telling you anyway.

with some girls
I won't lie.  I'm superficial as all crap before I'm anything else.  He's so freaking cute, ADORABLE man.  He has a dimples!  DIM-PLES!  I love dimples, man!  Then you go and add in a gorgeous smile, like the one he sports, and I'm jello, and not just your regular jello.  I'm talking about 'already all melted and sticking to you' jello.  He makes me retarded like that, so blame him...or his parents.  They're the ones who created him.  (Just so you know, you even think about blaming his parents, and I'll hurt you.  Just look at what this guy looks like for a second!)

I just get weirder and weirder by the minute.  Don't try and save me.  Really.  Save yourself and run.

My favorite part in the entire movie (I am speaking in assumption that you've already seen this movie b/c I don't feel like explaining it all) is when the Torro's are doing their thing at the nationals, and he's doing that weird "rock on with your bad self" sign that Carson's always doing and is banging his head while he clutches his lower lip with his teeth.  I've rewound that about a billion times.  (okay, 4, sue me)  It's just so cute how he's rocking out to some cheerleading routine.  :-D  I wish I had someone who looked like that in the stands when I was a cheerleader in high school.  Would have made those sweaty football games a heck of a lot more interesting.


For Real
Aside from all of my superficial crap, this guy is really a good actor.  It's always a plus when you can find a guy with some true talent.  There aren't enough of those around.  You're probably thinking, "Yeah, right, you just don't want to sound like a superficial retard."  This is the stupidest way to prove my "nah-uh!", but here goes nothing.  I saw pictures of what he looked like in "Hackers" (a movie he starred in about, duh, computer hacking) and I do not go for the long hair look.  At least not on him, but I'm gonna go and rent it ANYWAY.  If it was just about the looks, would I even care to see him in another movie?  *sighs*  God, and I'm going to school to be an attorney.  That was the worst defense I've ever read in my life.

Lookie, this is WHY Jesse Bradford is talented, peeps:  when you can watch a movie and truly believe for that hour and a half that the person being portrayed really exists, the actor has done his job, he's done it well; and long story short, for the hour and a half that I watched Bring It On, Cliff Pantone could have really been in California somewhere going into 'crazy - supposed - to - be - some - kind - of - rocking - out - type - dancing' spasms in the middle of his room, with his guitar, for all I knew.  I tip my hat to Mr. Bradford.  Um, er, well, I have no hat on, but...I tip my Backstreet Boys CD?

huh? ... in blue shirt