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They should leave this cool dude alone, seriously, haha.

(opening: jazzy pop music, water dropping sounds at end)

dude in white shirt: hey give me the pink one

main boy in blue: no, way I called it

two dudes on other side: I called it last time
guy in green shirt: you kiss mine

...I said that I just called pink (voice sounding more deeply)

I said I just called it pink (acting surprised)

(uh-oh, he's wondering why the camera?)

guy in white shirt: you can't just call it pink

white shirt guy: dude, you just can't, it's an unwritten rule

other guy in blue: yea, what's wrong with you?

this dude in blue: alright -- rock, paper, scissors

1-2-3... (stick fingers out)

silence and he says: alright. (looks around)

needless to say, I was intimidated by it, maybe he was too.

starburst is a token ad: making pink acceptable to guys