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fri dec 27, 14:39 Hi there!sorry camt talk rightnow im at work  Call me tonight about
8pm bye

Yuppie its
payday... Hey
are in love with someone?or
talking to
anyone?im still
waiting for u 17:18 dec 27 friday

Hi there! dec 29, 20:09 sunday

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 11:32:32 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CuteLatino Nov 02 - Dec 02

#67: Hi there! (14:39) #65 & 66: I love you (Dec 25, 14:30)
I just had it with a boy on monday 3/18. he called me cute, sexy, tall (even though i'm 2 inch taller), look like a tagger (I don't think so), fine, cuddley, look Latino at first. he licked my thing and hair down there next to the thighs and my nipple... he liked massaging my back, chin and likes my lil sideburns and hair (just cut it two weeks b4) ... when you least expect it, great things can jus happen to lil me
#64: (Dec 18, 18:14) Hi there!

#63: Edward.Hi...Im out of in Arizona,and I am missing u badly.Well be home on this Sunday.luv u lots and i'll u when I get back
Andrew... (cont.)
Peace out (Dec 17, 19:26)

#62: 'Hi' Dec 16, 16:42

#61: Hi there!I will be off for a few days.So  What's up?Sorry I havent called u lets get together oneday this week I wanna be with u bad.Well take care luv Andrew 00:57 Dec 14

#60: Hi there!Im having trouble with my phone cant talk on it sorry for any
inconvinance 21:43 d 7, 2002

#59: Wish I can talk to u hey come over right now 21: d 7, 2002

#58: Hi there! What's up? Have a nice day! Monday 18:56  #57: happy thanksgiving Nov 28, 15:25  #56... "I miss you" Tuesday, 14:21 Nov 26

#55: Nov 25, 11:45: Hi there!Sorry missed ure call im in a meeting ill be home after 6 if u wanna call then ok  Have a nice day!

#54: Hi there!  What's up?  I love you (20:16, Nov 23)   #50 & 53 (14:17, Nov 21): Hi there!

Cruz Rodriguez <> Fri, 6 Dec 2002 19:28:40 -0800 (PST) If I were a girl for one day, I would definetly go up and kiss the hottest guy in the club

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